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Treatment Service

Switzerland has always been reputed for its world’s leading skincare products across the globe. Suisse Programme blends its rich natural resources with pioneering technology to develop unparalleled and high-performing skincare products that go beyond ordinary. Our series of facial treatment apply the same philosophy. Through the professional analysis by our beauty therapists, the best products and application techniques are chosen to address your needs. Together with the top advanced beauty apparatus, visible results with high sustainability will be immediately shown.

Cellular Facial Treatment

Cellular Facial Treatment is based on the patent exclusive “Biodynamic Cellular Complex”(BCC) that effectively infuses every skin cell with oxygen and hydration, and recharges the cells to enhance microcirculation. With the use of thermal-cooling massage or intensive vibrations by Langdi machines, skin cells become capable to absorb more skincare nutrients with a significant skin hydrating effect; treatment also rejuvenates the skin with youthful vitality by eliminating dullness and tiredness.


Suitable for all skin types, especially for dull and dehydrated skin.

Gigawhite Whitening Treatment

Ideally for Asian skin, Gigawhite Whitening Treatment is formulated by 7 precious Alpine Herbal Whitening ingredients and high concentrated stable Vitamin C Powder to target stubborn dark pigments. The precious essence penetrates into the deepest layer of the skin for removing dark pigments. Skin cells will be stimulated after applying this treatment with the Langdi machine. The formation of pigmentation will be destroyed and leads to an immediate result of skin translucency. 


Suitable for uneven skin tone, visible pigments, dull skin.

Collagex Facial Treatment

Collagex Facial Treatment combines the Light Heat Energy technology and the products from Collagex collection to boost skin collagen production and density. The enhanced permutation of collagen enables improvement on skin texture, thus provides an immediate lifting effect and helps to promote elasticity and firmness, makes the skin smooth and luminous.


Suitable for sagging, dull skin and rough pores due to a reduction of collagen density.

Platinum Facial Treatment

Platinum Facial Treatment is a privileged service that has an unprecedented skincare innovation with visible and tangible results for mature skin type. Powered with the Colloidal Platinum which recharges the skin’s electrical balance, it neutralizes the damages and toxins generated from free radicals, while protecting DNA in the skin cells, combating all signs of aging. With the use of Radiofrequency machine, its thermal energy goes deeply into the skin layers in order to stimulate cells restructuring, and thus strengthens the natural defense system. Wrinkles will be visibly reduced; skin will be restored with vitality and radiance. 

Suitable for sagging, wrinkles and skin with aging problems.

Caviar Collagex Treatment

Caviar Collagex Treatment is an ultimate luxury andanew dimension in facial service that combines the vital energy of Caviar blended by Swiss technology with luxurious Caviar extracts to boost skin's total radiance and youthfulness. The advanced formulation of the patent exclusive Biodynamic Cellular Complex (BCC) is enriched with Nano Golden Extracts to further activate the processes of cellular respiration, fibroblasts formation and cells renewal. This exclusive complex of active ingredients reinforces the natural moisture level and thus leaves the skin in a plumper, elastic and supple structure. 


Suitable for indistinctive contours, lacking of firmness.


Laser C Treatment

Laser C Treatment takes laser skin techniques to the next level. Channeling the fine charcoal powders into the pores through laser technique, treatment removes excessive impurities and oil. The laser-generated thermal energy also helps to reduce visible dark pigments and dead skin cells, leaving your skin with radiance and translucency. There are different options to choose from according to your concerned area - T-zone cleaning, face or back cleaning.

Suitable for rough pores, acnes and uneven skin tone.