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Formulated with the exclusive Biodynamic Cellular Complex (BCC) and Triple Moisture Infusing Complex that effectively infuses every skin cell with oxygen and recharges the cells to enhance micro circulation.

Caviar Premier

Caviar Extract reactivates cell functions, significantly improves skin elasticity and nourishes dry and dehydrated skin. Exclusive Biodynamic Cellular Complex(BCC®) and Nano Gold Extract replenishes nutrients and restore skin vitality.

Collagex Premier

With Collagex Premier, the woven cocoon-veil film clings perfectly and intensively to your skin, allowing pores to fully absorb active collagen that contains essential firming nutrients for an ultimate lifting effect.

Platinum Precious

Powered with the Colloidal Platinum to recharge skin’s electrical balance while speeding up the penetration of Biodynamic Cellular Complex and delivering oxygen to cells to accelerate cellular renewal and boost metabolism.


Formulated with 7 precious Alpine Herbal Whitening Ingredients and High-concentrate Stable Vitamin C Powder. The essence penetrates deeply into the skin to eliminate pigmentation and brighten up skin tone.


Hydra-Solution is made especially for dehydrated skin type to defense environmental aggressions. The three unique formulations help to smoothen fine lines and restore resilience. Overall hydration level and power are enhanced to restore suppleness and luminosity of the skin.

Special Treatment

Especially made for aging, environmentally-irritated and stressed skins. Special treatment repairs your skin more intensively and powerfully. The multi-active ingredients efficiently solve various kinds of skin problems, making skin glow with its natural beauty.


Based on a simple and results-driven approach to Men's facial grooming with featured breakthrough formulas, damaging effects of urban living and environmental oxidative stress are prevented. Your skin is protected at the deepest layers from premature aging.

Neuro Solution - iTALK

iTALK introduces a neuro-transmission anti-aging skincare concept based on the latest aging defying i-tech. This ground-breaking solution strengthens rejuvenation signal transmission between cells and promotes skin collagen synthesis, while restoring DNA cells for skin regeneration and total invigoration.

UV Care

UV Care Line

The Soft Cream

With the revolutionary S.M.A.R.T concept, this cream packs in the best of anti-ageing experience. It smooths, firms, hydrates, regenerates and soothes your skin. Research proved its efficacy to reduce wrinkles for most users by as much as 46% after 1 month. It contains S.M.A.R.T actives, hyaluronic acid activator and cactus essence etc., delivers an instant rush of energy and hydration to visibly soften, nourish, improve texture and even tone.

Trio Solution

Trio Solution series enriched with pre-, post- and probiotic fractions. With the pioneering and innovative science, it recovers skin barrier’s function and deliver essential resources to skin. The moisturizing factor also delivers 72-hour hydration, and it lowers Trans Epidermal Water Loss by 3.5 times. Skin is smooth, strong and healthy with a pure glow. Wake up every day to your youthful skin. * 12 female volunteers (average age is 40) used it together with one product of the same line twice daily for 28 days. ^ Double-blind test of 8 white women.

The Rich Cream

This advanced formula with PhytoCellTec™ Nunatak® benefits from Saponaria Pumila that helps boost your skin and its natural production of collagen and renewal of vital new skin cells. Skin feels firmer, with more spring and elasticity.